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Google Maps location for Rye Veterinary Clinic

Rye Veterinary Clinic
2261 Point Nepean Rd
VIC 3941

03 5985 6644

The Rye Vet Clinic is a personal family run business able to offer the highest level of care for your pets. You can be assured that you will be given all treatment options and that you will be supported in helping make the right decision for your pet.

Our services include

  • Consultation – Our vets have areas of special interest including geriatric care and surgery

  • Hospitalisation – Pets can be admitted to hospital to be treated for medical conditions or to undergo surgery

  • Surgery – Vets perform orthopaedics as well as soft tissue surgery and desexing

  • Desexing – We recommend that pets are neutered unless they are intended to be bred from

  • Orthopaedic Surgery – Dr. Ackland performs orthopaedics and for more complex cases we have visiting vet Dr. Andrew Vickery who can perform these at Rye Vet Clinic

  • Dentistry – We have an ultrasonic scaler and dental instrumentation for cleaning and removal of teeth where necessary

  • Vaccinations – Puppy vaccinations and annual vaccinations to keep your pet healthy

  • Ultrasound – Dr. John Kingston is experienced in this area and can be called upon where needed

  • Xrays – Rye Vet Clinic has an automatic processor so radiographs can be assessed quickly

  • Anaesthesia – We offer predictable and safe anaesthesia and we are equipped with monitoring equipment

  • Microchips – We recommend microchips in case your pet is ever lost or escapes during a storm or fireworks

  • Weight Loss Clinic – We offer advice and prescription weight loss food and regular weigh ins

  • Puppy Preschool – Puppy socialization classes can make a huge difference to how your adult dog behaves

  • House Calls – We are able to offer house calls to regular clients or for personal home euthanasia

  • Blood Screening – We perform in house blood tests as well as a courier service for specialist pathologists

  • Penn Hip Certified – Dr. John Kingston is qualified to perform these xrays

  • Specialist Referral – If our vets feel it is necessary your pet can be referred to a vet who specialises in specific areas such as medicine, surgery or oncology

  • In House Behavioural Consultation – Dr. Heather Kingston has a special interest in this area.

  • Premium and Prescription Pet foods – Our nurses are experienced in offering advice

  • Advice on flea control and worming

  • Heartworm Prevention

  • Follow Up Phone Calls

  • Laboratory – In house blood tests, urine tests, Heart worm tests, FIV, FeLV, Parvovirus, pancreatitis, Skin and Ear Cytology