Puppy school

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Rye Veterinary Clinic
2261 Point Nepean Rd
VIC 3941

03 5985 6644

We hope you are enjoying the company of the new canine member of your family. At the Rye Vet Clinic we are dedicated to promoting the health and wellbeing of your pet, and an important component is behaviour and socialization.

Rye Vet Clinic has been running puppy socialization classes for over twenty years. Currently puppy preschool classes run on Thursday evenings throughout the year.  The classes are run by our enthusiastic senior veterinary nurse Rachel Nevinson.  The best time to socialize your pup is between 3 and 12 weeks of age as this is a very sensitive period of development. The preschool involves four weekly sessions which run for an hour to an hour and a half. Usually there are between three and six puppies and all puppies must have had their first vaccination. Some of the topics covered include handling your puppy, feeding and nutrition, night crying, puppy biting, responsibilities of pet ownership and of course toilet training. All family members are welcome to attend.

Behaviour is unfortunately the number one reason people surrender their pets to shelters or request that their pet be euthanased (put to sleep.) By attending puppy school you can be given advice and skills to help your puppy develop into a well behaved adult dog and avoid this statistic. Without socialization and puppy manners your adorable puppy can become fearful, aggressive and destructive.

Puppy preschool gives your puppy exposure to a different environment in a relaxed and fun setting. Puppies are able to play together and meet people other than their family members. It is a good idea to expose your pup to situations that they may come across as an adult. It is advisable to carry your pup until he or she is fully vaccinated when outside the home and clinic. Make sure the exposure is a positive experience and not an overwhelming or frightening one. Clear rules need to be set at home where all family members are being consistent. Ten minutes of training a day, praise within two seconds of a wanted behaviour and always ending on a good note are sure ways to help your pup develop into an adult dog with manners. Ignore what you don’t like and reward what you do.

At the completion of the course you will receive a personalised graduation certificate. Your puppy may even star as our puppy of the month.

Please contact the clinic to book your new family member into our puppy classes.